Chapter Activities

These lively and stimulating ideas for use in and out of class reinforce active learning. The activities apply to individual or group projects.

Activity 1:

Pell Grants for Inmates

Discuss with students the Obama Administration’s efforts to reintroduce Pell grants for higher education among inmates and refer to policy-based resources underscoring the effects education-based programs would have for this population ( Ask students to consider the four Amendments and inmate rights as highlighted in Chapter 3 as they develop five talking points in favor or against the expansion of Pell grants. Have students share their thoughts with the class and debate the pros and cons of each talking point.

You may wish to randomly assign students to create talking points in favor or against instead of allowing students to choose which side of the argument they wish to discuss.

Activity 2:

Eighth Amendment

Provide students with a copy of the statement about the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) from the National PREA Resource Center ( Ask students to write a letter to their senator describing how sexual assault occurring in carceral facilities may be considered a violation of the Eighth Amendment. Encourage students to present factual support for their argument.