Chapter Activities

These lively and stimulating ideas for use in and out of class reinforce active learning. The activities apply to individual or group projects.

Activity 1:

Design a Modern Jail

Divide students into groups of three to five individuals. This in-class activity will require a plain sheet of paper, at least 8 × 11, 8 × 14 would provide more space for drawing. In each group, assign or ask students to volunteer to serve as the following employees of the jail:

  1. Architect
  2. Warden
  3. Treatment program coordinator
  4. Correctional officers

Once assignments have been made, have each group determine the basic elements of a jail. The jail should include a booking center, housing, recreation, food service, laundry, treatment/education space, and other elements essential to the functioning of a prison. Assign the architect to sketch the jail incorporating the elements identified by the group. At the end, each group will share their design with the class.

Activity 2:

Jails for a Fee--1-Min Paper

Describe for students the concept of jails for a fee or pay-to-stay where inmates may pay to be housed in facilities that provide more creature comforts such as television, computer, and comfortable beds (see

For this assignment, ask students to write a 1-min paper comparing and contrasting the role of these jails in meeting the original intent behind jails as discussed in Chapter 1 and sentencing goals highlighted in Chapter 2.