Multimedia Resources

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Video Links

Video 1: The Death Penalty

Description: This Open Mind production describes how being both for and against the death penalty is possible.

Video 2: Capital Punishment: Retribution or Justice?

Description: This video offers a discussion on the retributive nature of the death penalty in the case of Timothy McVeigh.

Audio Links

Audio 1: One Legal Scholar on Trump Calling for Death Penalty in New York Terror Case

Description: Josh Blackman discusses the constitutional legalities of the death penalty after it is called for by the President of the United States.

Audio 2: Oklahoma to Use Nitrogen Gas for Executions

Description: After two botched executions, Oklahoma will use nitrogen gas to execute death row inmates.

Web Resources

Web 1: Nebraska Carries Out 1st Execution Using Fentanyl in U.S.

Description: This NPR news story describes the first execution using the controversial drug fentanyl.

Web 2: Does the Death Penalty Bring Closure to a Victim’s Family?

Description: The rehabilitative effect of the death penalty is discussed and evaluated.