Multimedia Resources

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Video Links

Video 1: Lost in Detention

Description: This video highlights the conditions of immigration detention centers post 9/11.

Video 2: Separated: Children at the Border

Description: Recent efforts to increase border patrols and reduce illegal immigration have led to children being separated from their parents.

Audio Links

Audio 1: A Toddler’s Death Adds to Concerns About Migrant Detention

Description: Conditions of an immigrant detention center where a toddler died after a period of detention is the focus of this audio clip.

Audio 2: Immigration Lawyer Discusses Future of DACA Program

Description: The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is discussed as it relates to immigration.

Web Resources

Web 1: Trump’s Immigrant-Detention Plans Benefit Private Prison Operators

Description: The efforts to reduce illegal immigration have increased private prison operations to meet the increasing detention needs.