Multimedia Resources

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Video Links

Video 1: Speaking of Nebraska: Defy Program in Prison

Description: This program describes the prison program seeking to develop entrepreneurial skills among inmates prior to release.

Video 2: Arts in Correction at Valley State Prison

Description: Valley State Prison art program is described.

Audio Links

Audio 1: Prison Program Helps Men Step Up to Fatherhood

Description: The 14-week parenting program in Graterford Prison (now closed and relocated to Phoenix Prison) for male inmates is highlighted.

Audio 2: Prison Experiments With Programs to Help Incarcerated Veterans

Description: A Washington State prison offers justice-involved veterans support in prison.

Web Resources

Web 1: Treatment Programs

Description: This website lists the various treatment programs available in the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections facilities located throughout the state.

Web 2: Inmate Programs & Treatment

Description: Ratings of various prison programming are provided by the National Institute of Justice.