Multimedia Resources

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Video Links

Video 1: 60 Minutes Presents: Behind Bars

Description: This segment of 60 minutes describes the German experience with prisons that aim to reduce recidivism through rehabilitation.

Video 2: Criminal Sentencing

Description: This video addresses the use of mass incarceration in the United States.

Audio Links

Audio 1: Iowa Tries a New Domestic Violence Intervention: Mindfulness

Description: This audio clip describes a theoretically based program pilot tested in Iowa Department of Corrections to address domestic violence.

Audio 2: Philadelphia’s New DA Wants Prosecutors to Talk Cost of Incarceration While in Court

Description: The need for the costs associated with prison to include deterrence efforts is addressed in this NPR audio clip.

Web Resources

Web 1: National Conference of State Legislatures

Description: This link directs readers to a report on sentencing and corrections policy.

Web 2: Parole Boards Within Indeterminate and Determinate Sentencing Structures

Description: The role of determinant and indeterminant sentencing within parole is addressed by the Robina Institute.