Multimedia Resources

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Video Links

Video 1: New Law Expected to Reduce Missouri’s Sex Offender Registry Count

Description: This video outlines the court case against the state of Missouri pursued by sex offenders sentenced to lifetime GPS monitoring.

Video 2: Former Patterson Mayor Joey Torres Gets 5 Years in Prison in Corruption Case

Description: After being sentenced to prison for corruption, Mayor Torres may be able to apply for intensive supervision probation.

Audio Links

Audio 1: How Can America Reduce Mass Incarceration?

Description: Alternatives to prison such as community service are discussed.

Audio 2: A Caller Reflects on a Decade-Long Struggle With Substance Abuse

Description: Treatment and abstinence requirements are discussed from the perspective of a probationer.

Web Resources

Web 1: North Carolina Law Makes Facebook a Felony for Former Sex Offenders

Description: An NPR article reviews the ruling prohibiting use of a social media site for convicted sex offenders.

Web 2: Bill Cosby Sentenced to at Least 3 Years in State Prison for Sexual Assault

Description: The case of Bill Cosby, who had been sentenced to house arrest during his trial for sexual assault, is highlighted.