Multimedia Resources

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Video Links

Video 1: Girls Court

Description: This PBS News Hour video describes a girls’ court developed to focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment among female juveniles who also experienced trauma.

Video 2: Violent, New Orleans Jail Has Youth Attending High School Inside

Description: This video outlines how youth in New Orleans continue their education while serving time in jail in one of the Nation’s most violent correctional facilities.

Audio Links

Audio 1: Advocating Changes to Missouri’s Juvenile Justice System

Description: This podcast highlights how some juveniles are treated as adults in the juvenile justice system.

Audio 2: Supreme Court Opens Doors to Parole for Juveniles Given Life Sentences

Description: This NPR podcast discusses a Supreme Court decision related to parole for youth who committed crimes as juveniles.

Web Resources

Web 1: Data Collection: National Survey of Youth in Custody (NSYC)

Description: This website describes the data collections mandated under the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) for enumerating the prevalence of sexual assault among youth in custody.

Web 2: Juveniles in Corrections

Description: The number of youth in correctional facilities is described in this Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention webpage.