Multimedia Resources

Includes On the Web and In the News links curated by the authors, along with other audio/video content.

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In the News:

Description: These articles and resources accompany the In the News feature in this chapter.


Video 1: Motivation, Eating, and Sexual Behaviors

Description: This video compares and contrasts sex with eating behaviors.

Video 2: The Science Behind Monogamy

Description: Emory neuroscientist Larry Young, PhD, is studying the prairie vole, one of the few monogamous animals in the wild.

Video 3: Are Women Less Monogamous Than Men?

Description: A bevy of new research is proving wrong many of our preconceived notions about women and sexuality.

Video 4: Why Is Gender Identity So Important?

Description:Rikki Arundel takes us on a journey into the world between genders to explore biological and environmental aspects of gender identity.

Video 5: Science and Sexual Orientation

Description: Science is pretty clear that sexual orientation and gender identity are influenced at least in part by genetic and other biological influences.


Audio 1: Neuroimaging and Gender Stereotypes

Description: Professor of cognitive neuroimaging, Gina Rippon, investigates whether brain imaging techniques truly revealed that women and men are “hardwired” for their gender roles.


On the Web 1: The Scientist

Description: An article in The Scientist discusses sex differences in the brain and in psychological disorders.

On the Web 2: Medscape

Description: Medscape provides information on variations in sexual development.

On the Web 3: Profiles of Two Women with AIS

Description: This is a video interview with Eden Atwood and a young girl about living with androgen insensitivity syndrome.

On the Web 4: Intersex/Intersex Initiative/The Interface Project

Description: Intersex and Intersex Initiative are two sites that provide a wealth of information about intersex conditions and treatment. The Interface Project presents the stories of people with intersex conditions, including Eden Atwood.

On the Web 5: CNNHealth/Atlantic

Description: CNNHealth posted the story of M.C.; the Atlantic elaborated and described additional cases with similar issues.

On the Web 6: Facts about Homosexuality and Mental Health

Description: Facts about Homosexuality and Mental Health describes research and changing attitudes regarding the mental health of homosexual individuals. Also available are links to additional information.

On the Web 7: Asexual Visibility and Education Network

Description: Asexual Visibility and Education Network provides information about asexuality and the opportunity to chat on a variety of related topics.