Multimedia Resources

Includes On the Web and In the News links curated by the authors, along with other audio/video content.

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Video 1: Understanding Consciousness

Description: Philosopher Dan Dennett makes a compelling argument that we understand our own consciousness and our brain fools us.

Video 2: Understanding Neurophysiology

Description: Neuroscientist Greg Gage uses a simple Do-It-Yourself kit to control someone else’s arm with his brain.

Video 3: Interview with Eric Kandel

Description: Interview with Nobel laureate and neuroscientist/neurophysiologist Eric Kandel.

Video 4: How We Discovered DNA

Description:Nobel laureate James Watson tells the story of how he and his research partner, Francis Crick, discovered the structure of DNA.


Audio 1: Inheritance: Nature-Nurture

Description: This podcast features discussion of how outside forces can change our biological blueprint that we pass on to future generations.


On the Web 1: Milestones in Neuroscience Research

Description: This traces the earliest roots of neuroscience with a timeline of events reaching back to 4000 BCE.

On the Web 2: Mind and Body

Description: This covers the history of the idea from René Descartes to William James. Most pertinent sections are I: 1–5and II: 1–2.

On the Web 3: Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man

Description: You can search Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man by characteristic/disorder (e.g., schizophrenia), chromosomal location (e.g., 1q21–q22), or gene symbol (e.g., SCZD9) to get useful genetic information and summaries of research articles.

On the Web 4: Exome

Description: The Wikipedia article includes links to descriptions of several research projects using exome sequencing.