Multimedia Resources

Includes On the Web and In the News links curated by the authors, along with other audio/video content.

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In the News: Brain on LSD Revealed: First Scans Show How the Drug Affects the Brain

Description: This article accompanies the In the News feature in this chapter.


Video 1: Science of Sleep: Melatonin to Neural Pathways

Description: Why do we need sleep and what are the physiological processes driving our circadian rhythm?

Video 2: Why Do We Sleep?

Description: Russell Foster is a circadian neuroscientist who studies the sleep cycles of the brain and asks: what do we know about sleep?

Video 3: Sleep Disorders

Description: Dr. Susan Harbison, neuroscientist at the National Heart, Lungs, and Blood Institute, is researching sleeping disorders and their treatment.

Video 4: The Quest to Understand Consciousness

Description: Neuroscientist Antonio Damasio uses this simple question to give us a glimpse into how our brains create our sense of self.

Video 5: What Is Consciousness?

Description: Understanding what consciousness is, and why and how it evolved, is perhaps the greatest mystery known to science.


Audio 1: Science of Sleep: Circadian Rhythms

Description: Professor Russell Foster discusses recent developments in our understanding of sleep cycles and how our body clock or “circadian rhythm” is programmed at a cellular level.


On the Web 1: The National Sleep Foundation

Description: The National Sleep Foundation has links to sites of sleep research and support organizations, results of the annual poll Sleep in America, and information on sleep disorders.

On the Web 2: The Sleep Well

Description: The Sleep Well is the website of William Dement, noted sleep researcher.

On the Web 3: Sleep

Description: The NOVA video Sleep is an entertaining treatment of the role of sleep in memory.

On the Web 4: Sleep Education

Description: The American Academy of Sleep’s Sleep Education page is a good source for information about sleep disorders and treatments.

On the Web 5: ABC News

Description: ABC News video cameras caught Amy and Anna raiding the refrigerator – while they were asleep!

On the Web 6: Science of Consciousness

Description: Science of Consciousness is a directory of thousands of articles on the topic.

On the Web 7: V. S. Ramachandran/Dan Dennett

Description: Charlie Rose interviews neuroscientist V. S. Ramachandran, and the website TED presents a lecture by consciousness expert Dan Dennett.