Multimedia Resources

Includes On the Web and In the News links curated by the authors, along with other audio/video content.

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In the News: The Aaron Hernandez Suicide: A Football Brain Injury Link?

Description: This article accompanies the In the News feature in this chapter.


Video 1: Types of Psychological Disorders

Description: A short video discussing the history of some of the main psychological disorders.

Video 2: Understanding Brain Disorders

Description: Thomas Insel, Director of the National Institute on Mental Health, encourages us to stop thinking about “mental disorders” and start understanding them as “brain disorders.”

Video 3: The Neuroscience of Depression

Description: A short video that details the neurochemical and neurobiological aspects that underlie depression.

Video 4: OCD and Anxiety Disorders

Description:This video  deals with what people with actual OCD have to deal with as well as how torturous anxiety disorders and panic attacks can actually be.

Video 5: Personality Disorders: Causes and Symptoms

Description: A short video that details the symptoms and causes of personality disorders.


Audio 1: Bipolar Disorder and Lithium

Description: A Radiolab story about discovering how something was amiss with a friend, and how one of the smallest elements might be the solution.


On the Web 1: I and I, Dancing Fool, Challenge You the World to a Duel/An Online Version of the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test

Description: I and I, Dancing Fool, Challenge You the World to a Duel is Ian Chovil’s account of his schizophrenia, bizarre delusions, and homelessness. Coping much better on olanzapine, he now works part time educating the public about the illness. An online version of the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test is available at PsyToolkit’s website. In addition, that free site has many other psychological experiments you can perform.

On the Web 2: Depression Screening Test

Description: PsychCentral offers an online Depression Screening Test to help a person assess his or her symptoms.

On the Web 3: MD Junction / DailyStrength

Description: MD Junction and DailyStrength provide discussion groups for people affected by SAD and information about the disorder.

On the Web 4: Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

Description: The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance site is a place to learn about mood disorders and ongoing research and to take a mood disorders questionnaire.

On the Web 5: Hoarders

Description: At Hoarders, you can watch entire episodes of the reality TV series; if you don’t have time for that, sample a few and read descriptions of the people for insights into the lives of hoarders and their families.

On the Web 6: Tourette Association of America

Description: The Tourette Association of America is a good resource for information on this disorder.

On the Web 7: The Mighty

Description: The Mighty has a great selection of resources on borderline personality disorder, as well as autism, mental illness, and how these affect parents and caregivers.