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  1. A Sense of Urgency – What Is Urgency?
    This is an excellent explanation by John Kotter himself on the first step of his model: creating a sense of urgency. It becomes clear that urgency is paradoxically difficult to grasp but can be truly palpable in an organisation.
  2. Work–-Family Policy Changes: Small Changes Going a Long Way
    This video nicely illustrates how empowering people can have a ripple effect throughout the organisation, creating positive change way beyond the projected planned change: ‘A Better Way to Work: Findings from a pilot study’. If you give employees more flexibility and listen to their concerns you will have happier employees, but you can also improve their health.
  3. Broaden-and-Build Theory

Two parts of a lecture by Barbara Fredrickson neatly explain her theory and its two components. How positive emotions both broaden and build.