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Welcome to the companion website for Human Resource Management, Second Edition by Jonathan Crawshaw, Pawan Budhwar, and Ann Davis. The resources on the site have been specifically designed to support your study.

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About the book:

The book explores the every-changing world of human resource management and examines the various theories, practices and debates that populate this field. It is broken down into three parts: Strategic Issues in HRMHRM in Practice and HRM in context, with fourteen chapters that specifically cover the learning outcomes suggested by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

The new edition includes revised and updated features including :

  • Debating HRM - A collection of the key contemporary debates found in HRM 
  • HRM in Practice - Examples of excellent, unique or unusual HRM practice from around the world 
  • Case Studies - International case studies covering emerging economies and specific ethical issues 
  • Graduate Insights - Observations as noted by recent graduates or current students undergoing work-based training.

Suitable for undergraduates and post-graduate students looking for a strategic and international perspective of HRM.



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