Web and Video Links

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  1. Access the CIPD website and download the document ‘Achieving excellence: HR and people management in Singapore SMEs’, accessible via:
    Consider then the feasibility and appropriateness of a stages framework such as the one suggested in the document.
  2. Access the European Commission website and download the document ‘Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs): Management skills for SMEs’, accessible via   
    This is the final report of the expert group on Management Capacity Building. The report highlights the role of management capacity building to support the creation and growth of SMEs. It provides 15 examples of ‘good practice’, illustrating different successful ways of supporting management capacity building in SMEs. Consider how easily ‘good practice’ can be emulated by SMEs based in different countries.
  3. Access a brief BBC documentary using the link:
    This video presents Brompton – an exemplar internationalised English bicycle manufacturer. This entrepreneurial business has achieved phenomenal growth and this offers an opportunity to consider the human capital needed to achieve high-value manufacturing and innovation.