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  1. Women in Public Sector Leadership – Dr Vianne Timmons, Johnson Shoyama School of Public Policy
    Of the eighteen Government of Saskatchewan Ministries, six are led by female Deputy Ministers. A first-class leader is innovative, visionary, an effective communicator, respectful, resourceful, and leads by example with their colleagues and employees. As senior public servants, they are accountable to the public, and must remain neutral in a complex and political environment while providing evidenced-based and thoughtful advice. Dr. Vianne Timmons led a conversation with three Deputy Ministers as they shared their thoughts on how to successfully lead provincial ministries and their insights on opportunities for the advancement of more women in senior leadership roles. Interesting insights into gender equality, leadership and the public sector.
  2. Effective Volunteer Management – Jennifer Beahan, Center For Enquiry Student Leadership Conference 2012
    Often third sector initiatives are reported to be in danger of closing due to shortage of volunteers. This student organisation leadership conference talks about how to manage volunteers and the HR considerations that need to be made before hiring, to train and motivate as well as to retain volunteers.
  3. Redefining the act of charity – Samyak Chakrabarty, INK Conference, 2016
    This talk takes the audience through some of the issues faced by NGOs and Non-Profits in India. Samyak shares his desire and business model to change the way people look at the development sector through innovation, efficient process, and highly skilled human resources
  4. How HR Can Be Influential – Dean Royles (Director of NHS Employers)
    Dean Royles discusses how important HR is to the NHS, how it can be influential and the role it plays in the challenges played by the NHS.
  5. HRM in the Public and Private Sector – Age Old Challenges in Modern Times
    Professor Roddrick Colvin (City University of New York) explores the differences in public and private sector HR, and the debate over whether the sectors are similar or different.