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1. Zero Hours Contracts

The issue of zero hours contracts has been much debated recently. Find here two contrasting views on the subject, one a news item broadcast in summer 2013 and the other the CIPD’s response to the debate that had been sparked earlier in the year.

2. Executive Pay

The Youtube clip discusses approaches to reward among senior executives. In particular it comments on how executives feel about their reward systems. Many of the issues raised in the chapter (fairness, risk, bonuses, motivation) are discussed in this short film.  The BBC and International Business Times articles explore further the history of inequity in executive pay over time.

3. Dan Pink: The Puzzle of Motivation
This TED Talk discusses research and practical application of the assumptions about motivation and reward. It highlights the disconnect between research and practice in reward management and the roles of intrinsic andextrinsic motivation in the 21st century.