Discussion Questions

  1. Do you believe that to some extent “good leaders are born, not made”? Are there some enduring traits or personal qualities (e.g., intelligence, extroversion) associated with effective leadership that some people either have or do not have? If there is any validity to the trait approach, what would be the implications for the ideas in this chapter?
  2. Based on what you know about cultural values and practices in various parts of the world, how universal is the concept of “servant leadership”?
  3. Consider the “Great Place to Work” dimensions (see Table 9.2). How might either the relevance or expression of these dimensions change depending on the (a) size of the organization, (b) pace of change in the organization’s environment (rapid changes v. stability), (c) organizational mission (profit v. non-profit), (d) ownership (corporate structure v. family-held)?
  4. Search the internet for companies that are currently practicing “Triple Bottom Line.” What is your assessment of their ability to balance these performance areas concurrently? Do you think more companies will adopt the “TBL” approach in the near future?