Discussion Questions

  1. Using a company you are familiar with, find their “code of ethics” or “code of conduct” online. Look at the document carefully. Are there any items present that surprise you? Are there any omissions? What elements in the code do you think will be most challenging for the company to implement? Why and what can be done?
  2. Chances are your university has an academic honor code or a student code of conduct. Do these documents adhere to the guidelines presented in this chapter? What recommendations would you have to make your university’s code of conduct more a part of the institution’s culture?
  3. Most new sports stadiums have luxury suites. The suites usually accommodate 15 to 30 guests. Special food and beverage choices are also available. Businesses often acquire suites to entertain employees and special guests. Suppose near the end of an unsuccessful season for a local professional team one of your company’s clients invites you (and a “plus one”) to attend a game at the client’s suite. “Please come down,” the client says. “Don’t worry about the cost of ticket and food. It’s all prepaid. If we don’t use it, it will all just go to waste. Since the team is losing we’re having a hard time giving these seats away.” Your employer’s code of conduct states there is a $50 limit for business courtesies. Do you think this invitation should be covered by your employer’s code of conduct?