Discussion Questions

  1. “Boycott” is often a scary word to managers. What organized boycotts are you familiar with? What were the demands of the organizations coordinating the boycotts? How did they build awareness for the boycott? How did the company respond? In your view did one (or both) sides “win”?
  2. Suppose your employer has had an extremely profitable year and you receive an unexpectedly large bonus. You intend to invest a portion of this bonus with the hopes of maximum capital appreciation over the next five to ten years. Would you invest in a socially screened mutual fund? Which screens would be most important to you and why?
  3. Identify five well-known companies in your immediate geographic area. What nonprofit organizations do these companies support? Have these changed over time? Why do you think the companies selected these nonprofits? To what extent is their support linked with the business goals (e.g., increased sales)?
  4. Increasingly, employees are expected to stay in touch with their coworkers and managers via text messages and emails during off-hours. Is this trend consistent with “work-life balance”? Should an ethical company have a policy about limiting work-related communication during off-hours?