Discussion Questions

  1. Does your state extend any additional employment discrimination protections that the federal law does not? Are there any protections offered by other states that are lacking in your state? What are the chances your state might expand employment discrimination protections?
  2. “Bruce” is a forty-year-old male who is applying for a job as a warehouse supervisor. Because the job involves responsibility for company assets, all candidates are asked the question, “Have you ever been convicted of a felony?” Bruce answers “Yes. When I was twenty I was involved with a group of friends and we would steal cars. We were eventually caught and I went to prison for three years. That is all in the past. I’ve done my time.” Assuming there are no additional convictions, would you continue to keep Bruce in your candidate pool? Is there any additional information that would help you make this decision?
  3. During an interview for a highly desirable job, a recruiter turns his or her laptop computer toward you and asks you to log into your Facebook and Instagram sites. What would you do?
  4. Ask your instructor how many of the steps described in this chapter are part of the selection process for a professor. Are there any tools presented here that might add value?