Discussion Questions

  1. Imagine if the historical outline of this chapter were to be updated 100 years from now. Which events from the most recent five years do you think will be highlighted? What do these events suggest about possible future trends?
  2. According to the text, tax avoidance may be legal but violates a civic duty. Can you think of other business practices that may be legal but ethically questionable?
  3. What if upon graduation, you have two job offers. The first offer is from Company A, a “traditional” company that seeks to maximize returns to shareholders, whereas the second is from Company B, which is a certified B Corp. Would you be more or less likely to accept Company B’s offer? What if Company B’s salary offer was slightly less (e.g. five percent)?
  4. When evaluating prospective employers, how could you gain a sense about their ethics culture? Do you think ethics culture is an important element for job candidates to consider?