Video and Multimedia

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The U.S. Census Bureau: The Importance of Accuracy
A video from the U.S. Census Bureau explores the importance of evaluating research techniques and improving upon them. 

Using Survey Data
Nate Silver uses survey data to predict political and social outcomes. Here, he discusses the impact of race on voting habits. 

A Survey in 10 Steps
A step-by-step guide to survey creation.


Questionnaire Distills Candidates’ Health Policies
This clip provides an example of the potential effectiveness of questionnaires. 

More Than Half of Latinos Surveyed Say Applying to College Wasn’t Discussed With Them
In this clip, Shereen Marisol Meraji and Cendy Vides discuss the results of a survey. 


Cornell University
CU hosts a strong collection of public opinion surveys. 

UK Data Service
This is a United Kingdom database, searchable by variable. 

General Social Survey
For over 40 years, the GSS has tracked American attitudes toward a variety of phenomena.