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Social Experiments to Fight Poverty
Esther Duflo advocates for the use of testing solutions with randomized trials to fight poverty and other social problems. 

The Danger of Mixing Up Causality and Correlation: Ionica Smeets
Ionica Smeets discusses the difference between causality and correlation and warns against the harm caused by confusing the two. 


Research Explores How Youth Access to Guns Is Linked to Mental Health Issues
In this study, the researcher cautions that the results are not generalizable to the United States. 

Does Some Birth Control Raise Depression Risk? That’s Complicated
This study explores the issues surrounding the purported correlation between depression and birth control.


Has Salt Gotten an Unfair Shake?
This article provides an example of the issues of generalizability. 

The Subtleties in Causation Talk
Tania Lombrozo discusses the issues that surface when discussing causation.