Video and Multimedia

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David Morgan on Research Methods
David Morgan, Portland State University, talks to Patrick Brindle, former Research Methods Publisher at SAGE Publications, about what advice he would give to new researchers, and about his views on developments in the field of research methods. 

What is a Randomized Trial?
This video discusses the way randomized trials are used in health-related research.


Advice from Patients on a Study’s Design Makes for Better Science
Richard Harris of All Things Considered finds that engaging participants in the research process leads to better results.

Researchers Gather Health Data for “All of Us”
Through the “All of Us” initiative, researchers are collecting samples from millions of Americans. 


More than 72,000 libraries contribute to the WorldCat system, making it an invaluable system for student researchers. 

American Bar Association: Domestic Violence Statistics
The ABA releases detailed data reports about a variety of subjects, including domestic violence, which can be helpful for researchers.