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Author Introduction: Chapter 7

Author Video: Women and Minorities in Policing


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Video 1: Police Force

LO 7-1

Residents of Baltimore’s downtown areas largely view the influx of State Police and National Guard members positively. But blocks from where Freddie Gray was arrested, residents are much more wary.


Video 2: Seattle Police Lawsuit

LO 7-3

Judge dismisses Seattle Police lawsuit against DOJ reforms to stop police brutality.


Video 3: Recording the Police

LO 7-5

Should it be illegal to record the police? Several high-profile cases of police brutality have been exposed by citizens who recorded police actions with cell phones. Yet, some state wiretapping laws, written before the age of ubiquitous recording devices, prohibit recording these events and then further criminalize the publication of the recordings on the Internet. Does the First Amendment protect citizen journalism, or do police agents have a right to privacy while performing public duties?