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Author Introduction: Chapter 14

Author Video: Probation Officers and Challenges


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Video 1: Community corrections

LO 14-1

A look at community-based corrections in Minnesota.


Video 2: Probation officers

LOs 14-5 and 4-8

The Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts developed the Post-Conviction Risk Assessment (PCRA) tool to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of post-conviction supervision. PCRA helps probation officers identify which persons to target for correctional interventions, what characteristics or needs will mitigate future criminal behavior, and how best to deliver supervision and treatment. The PCRA tool is an Evidence Based Practices (EBP) that guides an officer's decision about what level of risk an offender poses and what interventions would be best to reduce recidivism rates.


Video 3: System failure in Jaycee Dugard case

LO 14-4

A report blasted probation officials’ supervision of Phillip Garrido.