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The Sovereign Citizen Movement


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Video 1: Three Strikes Law

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After the 1993 murder of a child, many states passed laws to lock up repeat offenders for life, but today those laws are raising new questions about how crime is handled in America.


Video 2: Richard Allen Davis Sentencing

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Richard Allen Davis, a convicted murderer, was sentenced in August 1996. His criminal record fueled support for passage of California’s three strikes law for repeat offenders.


Video 3: Norm Stamper Lecture

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Crime changes the way we live, through inconvenience, resentment, disorder, and fear. Is it possible to prevent crime? Norm Stamper, former police commissioner of Seattle, believes we can by insisting on a partnership with the police; by creating an attitude that the police are the people's police; and by becoming communities that are organized, mobilized, and committed to making community safe and just.


Video 4: Police Discretion

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Interview on police discretion and the Professor Gates case with Dr. Richard Weinblatt, Director Institute for Public Safety at Central Ohio Technical College and a former Police Chief.


Video 5: Andrea Yates

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Forensic Psychiatric luminary Dr. Park Dietz speaks about his experience with the Andrea Yates case. Dr. Dietz was involved in determining if the Texas mother who murdered her five children was insane in the eyes of the law.


Video 6: Criminal Justice Ethics

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Do laws and policies in the criminal justice system really reflect what the American public wants? A Penn State professor discusses the reality of the prison system, recidivism rates among offenders, and Megans Law.