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White Collar Criminality


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Video 1: Tsarnaev Sentencing

LO 3-2

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of two men responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing that killed three people, was formally sentenced to death. In the courtroom, Tsarnaev apologized to the victims’ families and said he was sorry for the suffering he caused. Emily Rooney of WGBH was in the courtroom and speaks with Gwen Ifill about the sentencing.


Video 2: California Solitary Confinement

LO 3-1

California agreed to end its unlimited isolation of imprisoned gang leaders, restricting a practice that once kept hundreds of inmates in notorious segregation units for a decade or longer.


Video 3: Injustice

LO 3-3

In an engaging and personal talk — with cameo appearances from his grandmother and Rosa Parks — human rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson shares some hard truths about America's justice system, starting with a massive imbalance along racial lines: a third of the country's black male population has been incarcerated at some point in their lives. These issues, which are wrapped up in America's unexamined history, are rarely talked about with this level of candor, insight and persuasiveness.


Video 4: Anatomy and Violence

LO 3-4

Sanjay Gupta talks to criminologist Adrian Raine about his biological explanations for acts of murder and terrorism.


Video 5: Raising Adam Lanza

LO 3-5

In the wake of the mass killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, FRONTLINE investigates a young man and the town he changed forever. In collaboration with "The Hartford Courant," FRONTLINE looks for answers to the central - and so far elusive - question: Who was Adam Lanza?


Video 6: Travis Hirschi

LO 3-6

Student panel with Travis Hirschi, American sociologist and emeritus professor of sociology at the University of Arizona. Dr. Hirschi has helped to develop the modern version of the social control theory of crime and later the self-control theory of crime.


Video 7: Martha Stewart

LO 3-8

NBC’s Today Show interviews a former SEC Attorney, Chris Bebel about the allegations of Martha Stewart committing insider trading fraud. The investigation will focus on Dr. Waksal, Mr. Peter Bacanovic her broker and on her own trading.

At the center of the investigation is Martha Stewart's own trading and how it relates to trades made by ImClone’s CEO, Dr. Waksal, his father and his daughter. The government has interesting evidence that shows Martha Stewart trading the same days as these individuals and just before the stock took large drops in price trading.


Video 8: What is the National Crime Victimization Survey?

LO 3-8

The National Crime Victimization Survey is a nationally representative survey of victims in the United States that's designed to provide estimates of victimization that are representative of the population for persons ages 12 and older in the U.S. The survey interviews people for a maximum of three and a half years at six-month intervals, so the same person is interviewed multiple times.