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Author Introduction: Chapter 5

Author Video: National Police Force


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Video 1: A history of policing in America

LOs 5-1 and 5-2

In light of the national conversation and critique about the practices of local police forces throughout the country, Melissa Harris-Perry talks about the history of policing in America. Khalil Gibran Muhammad and Amy Goodman join to discuss.


Video 2: Interpol

LO 5-6

The International Crime Police Organization is an intergovernmental organization that facilitates inernatnal police cooperation.


Video 3: FBI Director speaks on law enforcement and race

LO 5-3

At Georgetown University, FBI Director James B. Comey called on the nation’s law enforcement personnel and the citizens they serve to participate in a frank and open conversation about the disconnect that exists in places like New York City and Ferguson, Missouri—and communities across the country—between police agencies and many citizens, particularly in communities of color.


Video 4: Houston PD Outreach

LO 5-5

The Houston Police Department is taking a unique approach to addressing issues of homelessness.