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Journal Article 1: Simsarian Webber, S. (2008). Development of cognitive and affective trust in teams: A longitudinal study. Small Group Research, 39(6), 746-769.

Abstract: The present research examines the development of two dimensions of trust, cognitive and affective, in student project teams over the course of a semester. Empirical examination of the evolution of multidimensional trust and its unique antecedents was explored. The results show that early trust emerges as a one-dimensional factor early in the life span of a team; cognitive and affective trust emerge as separate components over time; unique and distinct predictors positively and negatively affect early trust, cognitive trust, and affective trust; and affective trust has a stronger positive relationship with team performance than cognitive trust.

Journal Article 2: de la Torre-Ruiz, J. M., Ferron-Vilchez, V. & Ortiz-de-Mandojana, N. (2014). Team decision making and individual satisfaction with the team. Small Group Research, 45(2), 198-216.

Abstract: The literature on team members’ satisfaction has mainly focused on analysis at the team level; however, studies of team members’ satisfaction at the individual level are less frequent. In this work, we analyzed how team members’ attitudes and perceptions developed before starting the team decision-making process, how their perceptions developed during the team decision-making process, and how the consequences of the team decision making process influence individual satisfaction with the team. Questionnaires were filled out by 84 undergraduate students working in 28 teams that had to make a management decision. The results show that individual satisfaction with the team is positively related to team members’ self-efficacy for teamwork and to their perception of the decision’s comprehensiveness, but negatively related to their perception of team debate and the deviation between their individual preference and the team decision.