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Video 1: Forgiveness in an Unforgiving World

Description: Do you have the courage to forgive? Being able to forgive is to be able to calm yourself. It can also stop the violence. What if you stop talking to that one family member because you can’t forgive them for what they did. You will miss that person . . . listen more to people and judge less. It’s in the past and you take it as a lesson to be learned. There are two victims behind each story. In this striking TED Talk, journalist Megan Feldman talks about what she learned from interviewing person who had the extraordinary courage to forgive.

Audio 1: Forgiveness

Description: When loss, violence, or betrayal test our willingness to forgive--how do we do it anyway? Listen to this compelling report, where we hear from the mother of one the Columbine school shooters, those trying to move on from sexual violence, and why it’s so hard to ask for, and offer, forgiveness. From TED Radio, these speakers explore the challenges and benefits of forgiving others and ourselves.