Web Exercises

Web Exercise #1: Society for Personality and Social Psychology

LO 1-1: Explain what social psychology is and what social psychologists do.

Chapter 1 introduced you to the field of social psychology. Many social psychologists are members of the American Psychological Association (APA) Division 8. Visit the Society for Personality and Social Psychology at the following web address:


Peruse sections on Careers, Events, News, and Resources. Look for student information on how to pursue a career in social psychology. Present your findings to your instructor and classmates.

Web Exercise #2: Social Psychology News

LO 1-3: Describe how the science of social psychology provides insight into our behavior, as well as social benefits.

Social psychologists are constantly making new discoveries and publishing their findings in scientific journals. Read the latest news headlines at the Science Daily Social Psychology news feed:


Keep an eye out for stories that relate to your own personal and academic life. Write a report on a recent headline:

  • What was the “problem” or area of research?
  • What did the social psychologist(s) discover?
  • How did they make the discovery?
  • What are the real-world implications of the research?