Web Exercises

Web Exercise #1: Alcohol and Aggression in the News

You read about the links between alcohol and aggression in Chapter 11. The alcohol disinhibition hypothesis proposes that alcohol interferes with the brain’s ability to suppress violent behavior.

  • Look for recent internet news articles that report a link between alcohol and aggressive behavior.
  • Write a brief report on what you found.
  • What were the circumstances of the situation? How was the situation resolved?

Web Exercise #2: Explore the “Forgiveness Project”

The power of modeling forgiveness is discussed as an antidote to aggressive behavior at the conclusion of Chapter 11. To learn more about the psychology of forgiveness, read personal stories at The Forgiveness Project web site. Write a brief report summarizing the stories of three people on the website. Look for common themes across stories. What important lessons regarding aggression and forgiveness did you learn from these stories?