Web Exercises

Web Exercise #1: Terror Management Theory and Research Methods

Terror management theory suggests that people find thoughts of death profoundly disturbing, so they cling to worldviews, like the just world hypothesis, that provides comfort and distraction. In the “Spotlight on Research Methods” section of Chapter 5, you read about the mortality salience manipulation. For this exercise, complete the mortality salience manipulation on your own by visiting the Terror Management Theory website that provides the actual Mortality Salience (MS) Manipulation.

  • Complete the MS Manipulation.
  • Complete the “Just World” survey in the Applying Social Psychology to Your Life section.
  • Finally, journal your thoughts and observations on how completing the MS Manipulation may have influenced how you completed the “Just World” survey.

Web Exercise #2: False Consensus and Uniqueness Padlet

The false consensus effect is the tendency to think that most other people agree with our personal opinions. Conversely, the false uniqueness bias is the perception that our good and positive traits are fairly rare (i.e., we are special and above average). As a group, create an online, collaborative Padlet to share your favorite images, notes, and ideas related to these two self-serving biases. Make sure to allow comments so you and your classmates can share your thoughts with the rest of the class.