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Video 1: One Life-Changing Class You Never Took

Description: Alexa Von Tobel gives a fantastic TED Talk about money, personal finance, and the inherent problem with not being properly educated about personal finance in high school or college. She explains that most of us learn about money on a trial and error basis, yet we make 8–10 money-related decisions per day. This talk is a must-watch! Alexa takes you through the life of a very average new college grad, Jessica, and explains the pitfalls in each of the poor financial decisions Jessica makes and the way in which they affect her future.

Audio 1: Are We Genetically Inclined to Be Materialistic? 

Description: People tend to hate to lose stuff they already own. This trait, known as the endowment effect (AKA, the mere ownership effect), is likely handed down to us by evolution, since it is visible cross-culturally as well as in nonhuman primates. However, new research suggests certain cultures place a brake on this evolutionary trait, whereas capitalistic societies put it on steroids. Find out why in this report from Hidden Brain, from National Public Radio (NPR).