Learning Objectives

7-1 Where Do Presidents Come From? Presidential Comings and Goings

  • Identify the most common traits of presidents, the constitutional requirements for the position, and the process by which presidents may be removed from office.

7-2 The Evolution of the American Presidency

  • Trace the evolution of the presidency from “chief clerk” in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to near dominance over the political system.

7-3 Express Powers and Responsibilities of the President

  • Define the formal powers vested in the president under Article II of the Constitution, including the veto, appointments, the pardon, and commander in chief of the armed forces.

7-4 Implied Powers and Responsibilities of the President

  • Discuss those implied powers of the presidency not spelled out in the Constitution, including the issuing of executive orders and agreements.

7-5 Presidential Resources

  • Describe the other individuals and offices in the executive branch that contribute to the modern presidency.

7-6 Important Presidential Relationships

  • Assess how the power of the presidency is enhanced by communications with the public, the Congress, and the media.