Learning Objectives

15-1 An Overview of the Policy-Making Process

  • Describe the stages of the public policy-making process and the various players involved.

15-2 Theories and Practice in Economic Policy

  • Recognize the theories of economic policy, distinguish between fiscal and monetary policy, define different categories of spending, and trace the budget-making process.

15-3 The Welfare State and Programs for the Poor

  • Contrast the U.S. welfare state model to those found in other Western democracies.

15-4 The Social Security System and Health Care Policy

  • Assess both the state of the Social Security system (including its prospects and reforms), and assess America’s health care system, comparing it to European systems that feature universal care.

15-5 Foreign Policy

  • Discuss the actors and institutions that conduct foreign policy under the Constitution, and trace the history and theories of U.S. foreign policy from its roots to the present day.