Learning Objectives

6-1 Article I and the Creation of Congress

  • Define the role the U.S. Congress plays as the legislative branch of government.

6-2 The Structure and Organization of Congress

  • Identify the structure and powers of Congress, and assess the role that political parties play in congressional leadership.

6-3 The Committee System

  • Compare and contrast the different types of committees found in Congress.

6-4 How a Bill Becomes a Law

  • Describe the various steps necessary for a bill to become a law.

6-5 Oversight and Personnel Functions of Congress

  • Describe Congress’s powers, including delegating law-making authority to regulatory agencies, confirming presidential appointments, and impeaching and removing executive and judicial officers.

6-6 Constituent Service: Helping People Back Home

  • Assess the “casework” functions of members of Congress in assisting constituents, educating them on policy issues, and performing other services on their behalf.