Learning Objectives

13-1 The Development of Political Parties in the United States

  • Explain the historical development of the party system and the role of “critical elections,” partisan realignment, and partisan dealignment in the United States.

13-2 The Functions of Political Parties

  • Identify and explain the four broad functions of political parties.

13-3 Why a Two-Party System?

  • Describe the historical and legal factors that contributed to the development of the two-party system.

13-4 Party Organizations

  • Illustrate how party organizations operate at the national, state, and local levels and how they help their candidates win elections.

13-5 Voting

  • Evaluate the role of state governments in managing elections and the effect of constitutional amendments on the expansion of voting rights.

13-6 Exercising the Franchise

  • Assess the factors in influencing voter turnout and how it has trended over time.

13-7 Participation beyond Voting

  • Explain the many forms of political participation beyond voting.