Learning Objectives

5-1 Types of Equality

  • Define civil rights and the three types of equality: political, social, and economic.

5-2 The Struggle for Equality: Approaches and Tactics

  • List the means groups employ to pursue equality within and outside the system.

5-3 The Struggle for Equality: Race, Ethnicity, and Civil Rights

  • Assess the history of discrimination against racial and ethnic groups in America, including the role courts played in initially denying members of those groups full equality.

5-4 The Women’s Movement and Gender Equality

  • Summarize the history of women’s rights, including the role of the courts in recognizing such rights, from women’s suffrage up through the present.

5-4 Other Group Struggles for Equality

  • Trace the struggles for equality waged by other minority groups, including older Americans, Americans with disabilities, and LGBTQ persons.

5-6 Continuing Struggles over Equality in the Modern Era

  • Evaluate the more recent battles waged over affirmative action, racial profiling, and the targeted policing of neighborhoods.