Learning Objectives

4-1 The Bill of Rights: Origins and Evolution

  • Compare civil rights to civil liberties; discuss the origins of the Bill of Rights and the process of incorporation.

4-2 Freedom of Religion and the Establishment Clause

  • Describe the free exercise clause; identify the rules governing the separation of church and state, and explain the tests for upholding government accommodations of religion.

4-3 Free Expression Rights

  • Assess the scope of free speech and free press rights, including the rules for exempting from protection lesser-value speech such as libel and obscenity.

4-4 The Right to Bear Arms and the Rights of the Criminally Accused

  • Assess the scope of the Second, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment rights, as well as rights granted under the Sixth and Eighth Amendments.

4-5 The Modern Right to Privacy

  • Define the modern privacy rights that apply to government restrictions on abortion, same-sex acts, and euthanasia.