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The highly accessible Sensation and Perception, Second Edition, presents a current and accurate account of modern sensation and perception from both a cognitive and neurocognitive perspective. To show students the relevance of the material to their everyday lives and future careers, authors Bennett L. Schwartz and John H. Krantz connect concepts to real world applications, such as driving cars, playing sports, and evaluating risk in the military. Interactive Sensation Laboratory Exercises (ISLE) available online provide simulations of experiments as well as neurological processes to allow readers to engage with the phenomena covered in the text and gain a deeper understanding of key concepts.

The Second Edition includes a revamped version of the In Depth feature from the previous edition in new Exploration sections that invite readers to learn more about exciting developments in the field. Additionally, new Ponder Further sections prompt students to practice their critical thinking skills with chapter topics. 


We gratefully acknowledge Bennett L. Schwartz and John H. Krantz for writing an excellent text and for creating the assets on this site. Special thanks are also due to Kepos Media and The Boedeker Group for developing the ancillaries on this site and to Karen Stevens for developing the digital resource.