Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: War, Work & Sex: Human Trafficking and Globalization

Description: Dr. Gary Potter from the School of Justice Studies at Eastern Kentucky University discusses in his presentation the way human trafficking affects society as whole. He explains the factors that drive human trafficking – how force and violence is used to exploit children; how the industry is driven solely for profit; and how women are used sexually, for labor, and as tools of war.


Audio 1: In Changing America, Gay Masculinity Has ‘Many Different Shades’

Description: The podcast discusses that not only have the laws and cultural attitudes toward homosexuality changed, the way some gay men choose to express their masculinity and femininity has transformed as well.

Audio 2: After Global Protests, Kenyan Court Sentences 3 Men Who Raped Teen

Description: Authorities in Kenya have sentenced three men to 15 years in prison, but only after a global protest demanded justice for a 16-year-old girl who was brutally gang raped by these men. The only punishment the attackers initially received from the local law enforcement agency was to cut grass at the local police station.