Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: Civil Rights Launched the Fight for LGBT, Women's Equality

Description: In this PBS news segment, Ray Suarez speaks with George Chauncey of Yale University and Ruth Rosen of the University of California at Davison about how the civil rights movement not only fought for equality for African Americans, but it also paved the way for women’s rights and the gay and lesbian movement.

Video 2: Networking for change, social media in the Middle East and North Africa

Description: Amnesty International examines how social media has contributed to the unrest in the Middle East and North Africa.


Audio 1: Is It An 'Uprising' Or A 'Riot'? Depends On Who's Watching

Description: The audio discusses disagreements over whether the events in Baltimore and Ferguson should be labeled a "riot," an "uprising," or "civil unrest."

Audio 2: Police Rethink Tactics Amid New Technologies And Social Pressure

Description: The audio discusses the changes the police department is undergoing because of new technology that can monitor their actions.