Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: Tattoo from National Geographic's Taboo Part 1

Description: The video discusses tattoos from around the world from tribal tattoos, to body alterations, to an art form. It explains how different cultures experience and accept tattoos.

Video 2: Relating social theories to medicine | Social and Culture | MCAT | Khan Academy

Description: The video discusses and relates social theories to the field of medicine.

Video 3: Medical tourism, your health can now be outsourced: Krystal Rampalli at TEDxUMN

Description: The video provides an explanation of the concept “medical tourist.” The video explains the reasons patients undergo medical procedures in a less-developed country than their own and how it affects both the individuals and the countries where the procedures are taking place.


Audio 1: Teens Say Looks Can Be Liberating Despite Fashion Police

Description: The audio discusses Professor Richard Lerner’s research study in which he talks and interviews students at Oakland Tech High School to examine why some kids are considered popular, while others are not.