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Article 1: Duncan, M. C., & Klos, L. A. (2012). Paradoxes of the flesh: Emotion and contradiction in fitness/beauty magazine discourse. Journal of Sport & Social Issues, 38(3), 245-262. doi:10.1177/0193723512467190

Abstract: Analyzing women’s fitness/beauty magazines for advice on diet and exercise reveals a range of contradictions, the focus of this research. Contradictory diet and fitness discourses signify our culture’s paradoxical expectations for women’s bodies, ensuring that virtually no woman can measure up. In short, the production of feminine bodies is rigged for failure. Starting with Spitzack’s (1990) initial insights into the “aesthetics of health” and fat as disease, we explicate, through textual analysis, the underlying principles of eight essential contradictions in diet and fitness discourses (e.g., diets are freeing), principles that both necessitate and enable the discursive net in which contemporary women are ensnared. Comparisons are drawn between the themes that Spitzack elaborated and those uncovered by our examination 20 years later. Connections are made to the obesity “epidemic” and implications are discussed. Future research should investigate the actual interpretation and utilization of these contradictory messages among magazine readers.

Article 2: Khubchandani, J., & Simmons, R. (2012). Going global: Building a foundation for global health promotion research to practice. Health Promotion Practice, 13(3), 293-297. doi:10.1177/1524839912439063

Abstract: Global health promotion is now becoming an integral part of foreign policy of many countries. Health Promotion Practice has always kept pace with changes in the field of health education and promotion. The Society for Public Health Education Board of Trustees and the Editorial Board of Health Promotion Practice are pleased to announce the launch of a new department, “Global Health Promotion.” This introductory commentary for the new Global Health Promotion Department of Health Promotion Practice defines global health and the new challenges for health education and health promotion. The “ecology” of global health promotion is presented as a framework to initiate dialog and discussion. Global health domains and competencies are discussed as future directions. In this commentary, we also present our vision and mission for the department as we strive for linkages between research, practice, policy, and population health promotion through cross-cultural collaboration. A call for general and departmental submissions—in the form of original research papers, case studies, symposium reports, interviews, and other forms of interprofessional communication—is included to bridge research and practice in global health promotion.