Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: How governments respond to terrorism | Dr. Max Abrahms | TEDxHollywood

Description: Dr. Abrahams is a professor of public policy at the Department of Political Science at Northeastern University and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. After talking to citizens of Israel and Palestine, he explains the results of his research on why terrorist groups target civilians and the effects terror attacks have on a population.

Video 2: Degree for Minimum Wage: A Closer Look at Unemployment and Underemployment of College Graduates

Description: This short documentary explores the percentage of recent college graduates who now face underemployment or unemployment. Experts also offer their advice on how to obtain a job in a desired field after graduation.

Video 3: BBC Hard Talk - Discussion on effect of globalisation on developing nations

Description: Professor Babu Mathew discusses why globalization has not improved the lives of the poor in India but has led to an increase in unemployment.


Audio 1: New Chinese Social Media Policy May Be Used To Target Political Speech

Description: The audio discusses the new way the Chinese government is trying to control free speech. Users of any social media in China will be required to register with their real name rather than an alias as is common in most countries.

Audio 2: Future U.S. Manufacturing Jobs Will Require More Brain Than Brawn

Description: The audio discusses that nowadays it’s rare to find items with the label “Made in the USA.” It addresses the reasons for the decline and how the face of manufacturing has changed.