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Article 1: Sassatelli, M. (2010). European identity between flows and places: Insights from emerging European landscape policies. Sociology, 44(1), 67-83. doi:10.1177/0038038509351625

Abstract: This article is a contribution to the debate on European identity. It explores the emerging field of European landscape policies, clustering around the European Landscape Convention (Council of Europe, 2000) as an interpretative key for representations of Europe as cultural ‘unity in diversity’, a formula that embodies the main institutional and public narrative of the identity of Europe. The article presents results from fieldwork research tracing the ELC’s discursive field, and the spaces for interpretation and action that it has opened up for actors within European networks and projects. It shows that whereas the official narrative may be reducible to a simplistic model of nested identities, from local to European, actors who have become familiar with it use their ‘European identity’ in more complex ways, displacing binary cultural and spatial logics — unity vs. diversity, places vs. flows — that still mostly inform theories of identity.

Article 2: Roth, W. D., & Sonnert, G. (2011). The costs and benefits of ‘red tape’: Anti-bureaucratic structure and gender inequity in a science research organization. Social Studies of Science, 41(3), 385-409. doi:10.1177/0306312710391494

Abstract: This paper explicates a central conflict that can affect science research organizations, the conflict between the anti-bureaucratic stance believed to advance science and concerns for gender equity rooted in the universalist ethos of science. We present a case study of a science research organization, using employment and publication records, a survey of 308 employees, and qualitative interviews with 60 employees. We show how anti-bureaucratic organizational structures perpetuate gender inequities for both female scientists and non-scientists.