Discussion Questions

  1. Do you think women will break through the ultimate glass ceiling – the presidency of the United States – in your lifetime? Why or why not?
  2. Explain why and in what ways wealth and poverty are caused by laws, policies, and social structure, rather than simply individual traits, such as hard work.
  3. Why is upward social mobility so much more difficult today than in past decades? Explain what laws, policies, and social structures might affect your future potential for upward mobility.
  4. Describe a hypothetical “day in the life” for the average person in a high-, middle-, and low-income country. Give examples and include what types of resources or access each group can access.
  5. How might the global digital divide affect a low-income country’s ability to improve their global economic standing? Explain how this might affect their ability to be competitive in a global marketplace.
  6. When we think of limited access to health care, we tend to think of low-income countries. Discuss how people in countries that aren’t considered low-income – like the United States – may have difficulty accessing adequate health care.